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Jaedon Rooney is a young passionate filmmaker located in California. He has been working on films ever since he was 13 years old, since then he has made many films and projects with many different names. His father Cory Rooney has been in the Music Industry for many years and has worked with notable names from Jennifer Lopez to Michael Jackson, the list goes on. Following in his father's footsteps Jaedon is marching to make a huge mark in this world by making his stories be heard. 


I have never really felt like I fit into any one  specific category. I grew up in a Vineyard Vines-Patagonia-Boat Shoes-Loving town where there was a growing sense of entitlement which everybody seemed to have; and I wanted no part of it. Growing up, I was trying to balance who I wanted to be while maintaining the way people saw me in this town. I have a dad who wrote huge hits for J.Lo, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and many more definitely and this was definitely not the norm in a town where everyone’s father worked at a lawfirm. So, in an attempt to get away from the world where I grew up, I created one of my own filled with anime, film, pop culture, sci-fi, and sports. All of that merged together into a monster...but today, I just call it my production company, Ace Monkey Productions.




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ACE MONKEY PRODUCTIONS is a film production company and network based in California that will be the hub for many production companies to use as a social network. At the same time Ace Monkey will be producing their own films and music videos. The company is meant to have many different branches for everyone. Including "Behind The Art" and the hub to other channels. 

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